Sacrae Cantiones

Raphaella Aleotti

Complete Works of Raffaella Vittoria Aleotti Vol. I

Softcover; 84pp including introduction and editorial commentary; 8.5x11 in.

Complete collection of five-voice motets by Raphaella Aleotti (c.1570-1646). This volume is a new performance edition based on the original partbooks published 1593 in Venice by Ricardo Amandino.
This new edition has been meticulously edited and adapted to fit the voice configurations and registral expectations of typical modern vocal ensembles.

for mixed voices

ISBN - 978-1-961094-00-0

ISMN - 979-0-800259-02-9

LCCN - 2023906415

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Sancta et immaculata, Exurgat Deus, Audivi vocem in celo, Beatus Laurentius, Exaudi Deus, Diligam te domine, Facta est cum angelo, Miserere mei Deus, Angelus ad pastores, Vidi speciosam, Congregati sunt inimici, Ascendens Christus in altum, Jubilate Deo