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Every score published at Dulcamara Press is researched with scholarly rigor and edited with meticulous care. Our work exists to facilitate performance, so our scores are thoughtfully designed for clarity, readability, and practical performance use.

The seeds of this project were sown some years ago while I was juggling a busy schedule as a professional performer and composer, pursuing graduate studies in musicology, all while continuing to work as a graphic designer and parent young children. It was hectic and stressful, but artistically and intellectually rich.

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During that time, I founded and directed a vocal ensemble that specialized in the musical bookends of early and contemporary music. The most satisfying projects I undertook for that ensemble involved hunting through primary sources for music that had not been transcribed or performed publicly for many hundreds of years. The more I delved into the wealth of extant manuscripts and early printed musical sources, the more I realized how limited the available performance repertoire is.

Most musicians have neither the time nor training to find, transcribe, edit, and produce new editions from primary sources, leaving thousands upon thousands of musical works forgotten and unheard. This is especially true of the medieval and early renaissance, but it also applies to the so-called “lesser” music of later periods, particularly music composed by women, whose place in society often limited their access to wide public performance, publication, and notoriety. Contemporary composers from marginalized communities fare somewhat better today than in the past, but barriers of race, class, gender, disability, and a myriad of other threads of identity still persist. As a composer and new music advocate myself, Dulcamara is my way to create a platform to provide publishing and distribution opportunities for contemporary composers.

I officially launched Dulcamara Press in April 2022, after a year of lockdown during which I, like many, reevaluated my priorities, goals, and the way I most wanted to spend this precious life. The covid pandemic forced us all to grapple with our collective community responsibilities and contributions, and to wrestle with our own daily lives and priorities. It lead many of us to finally do that thing that we’d been dreaming of (and perhaps putting off) for years. For me, that was Dulcamara Press.

Thank you for taking the time to explore our offerings and upcoming projects!

Leslee Wood


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